A Decent Day in the MS struggle of life

Yesterday was as good as it gets living with Multiple Sclerosis. It has become a real struggle in the past year and a half.

A friend took me to Bozeman yesterday. Of course she did the driving. We had two missions first of all to deliver Friends Ford Ranger pickup to a buyer, secondly I needed to get signatures on real estate listing documents. This was my first trip with my rollinator on board. Friend loaded and unloaded it for me when we went to meet my client, I was a little humiliated and embarrassed wrestling my walker into the deli. First time in public with it so I being a rookie struggled with where to park it when I sat at the table. I had to get it out of the way. I put it in a little nook near the cash register. It was in the way of course.

With documents signed and sandwiches devoured we headed west. Brother of Friend drove the Ranger to Bozeman and he drove us home.

Take away from the trip. Going public with a walker screams there's something wrong with me. I guess I didn't feel so obvious with just a cane and grabbing the backs of chairs. I just looked drunk.

The Beast